Does Mac2Sell sell or buy Macintosh/iPod/iPhone ?

Our goal is not to sell or buy used hardware. We offer a free estimation of your hardware.

Why Mac2Sell isn't available for my country?

Either we don't have relevant price datas, or we don't have the linguistic abilities to translate Mac2Sell in your language.

We are looking for specific help to translate Mac2Sell in the following languages: chinese, russian, arabic or hebrew. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are able and want to help.

Where does the displayed price come from ?

Among other parameters, our calculation is based on the specific configuration, on Apple's prices, local taxes and used Macs market in the different countries we support.

It explains the price differences between countries in the euro currency zone.

Why elements such as graphic cards or Airport cards aren't taken into consideration ?

The large diversity of elements which can be added to the configurations doesn't allow us to integrate them all.

Because we want to keep the interface simple and as it does not seriously modify the estimated price, we decided not to take them into account for now.

When are the values updated?


Why pre-G3 Mac can't be evaluated?

Either they became vintage products or their value is very low, it's not possible, for now, to have an estimation for these machines.

I found a translation mistake or an error, what can I do?

Please contact us at [email protected] to help us improving Mac2Sell.