How to resell a used Apple product in the UK?

You want to resell your Apple device in Great Britain. You're wondering about the process, or you're looking for new channels. Find out how to estimate its current worth and discover all the ways to proceed either quickly or at a higher benefit.

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Follow two steps to sell your device:

  1. Determine its reference price
  2. Choose your sale channel

This guide also offers tips specific to the range of products you want to resell:

Determine the reference price

To find out the current value of your device, Mac2Sell provides an evaluation tool: select the range and model and answer a few questions.

How to check?
For a Mac: click on the apple menu > About this Mac.
For an iPhone or iPad: launch Settings > General > Information.

Do spot, with care, all the signs of wear, tear, and the passage of time such as scratches, bumps, and missing peripherals. These defects lower the worth of your item compared to its standard price.

The main sales channels

You know the value of your product, you can choose between two ways to convert it into cash:

  1. Either sell it to a professional.
    Long story short, you surrender between 20% and 50% of your device value for a swift, easy and safe solution.
    The interest of professional buyers (detailed below) varies with each product range. Don’t set for the first proposal but compare them thoroughly.
  2. or create a classified ad.
    Choose this option if you want to get a good price. However, you will have to invest more effort.

Other solutions exist to award a second life to your device. You can give or sell it to a friend, a family member, or offer it to an association…

Last resort, you can recycle any Apple products at an Apple Store.

Sell a used Mac

To resell your Mac, it must be in working conditions with its power cable.

If it's a laptop, its keyboard must function completely.
If it's a desktop Mac, it can be resold without its peripherals but including the original Apple keyboard and mouse slightly increase the device value.

Trade-in by a specialist

Apple Trade-In

Apple will exchange your recent Mac at its Apple Store through its trade-in programme.

Often drab and besides, for older models, Apple only offers to recycle.

Sell your Mac online

The ease of reselling your device online depends on its range.

Pros frequently buy back popular laptops including MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. Desktop computers (iMac and Mac mini) also receive trade-in offers. Other machines pose a challenge.

  • MacBack will provide you immediately with a rating.
  • mResell will acquire all portable and some desktops.
  • MacFinder takes back notebooks and other models
  • Cash In Your Gadgets evaluates and buys back most laptops and desktops

Cash buyers take over Macs

Many brands like Cash Converters offer a cash purchase service.

You can find those brick-and-mortar stores in commercial areas on the outskirts of large cities, and downtown shopping malls.

Apple retailers, a local and direct solution

Many Apple (and non-Apple) stores can take back your used Mac. Call them or visit them to request a resale offer.

Classified ads

Macs on eBay

For computers, eBay reaches the highest number of daily transactions and its PayPal payment system partially secures financial exchanges.

Classified ads

The Gumtree site offers lively classified ads that will present your Mac for sale to potentially motivated buyers.

Mind the terms of handing over the item. Preferably, proceed with the exchange by meeting the other party, in a public place, and deal in cash. Never send equipment without receiving a financial guarantee.

Sell a used iPhone or iPad

Standard condition: provide the iPhone or iPad with its power cable. Its shell and screen may feature slight scratches with no crackles or bursts.

Return your tablet or smartphone to a specialist


Apple exchanges your old iPhone or iPad through its trade-in programme. It's quick and easy. You will receive a voucher that you can only redeem at an Apple Store. Apple Store buyback offers feature the lowest.

Online Platforms

Many sites are specialised in the immediate repurchase of technological products, including iPad and iPhone. Among the main ones, we can mention:

Compare trade-in prices carefully, they vary greatly depending on the buyer's stock.

Your reseller

Should you find Apple resellers in your city, contact them and ask about their interest in buying or selling.

Classified ads site

You can put your iPhone or iPad for sale on classic classifieds websites Gumtree, PreLoved or VivaStreet.

Tech products are negotiated more often on eBay.

Always exercise caution when selling to individuals. Insist on a hand-held exchange in a public place for cash. Never send materials without receiving a financial guarantee.

Sell a used Apple Watch

Buyback platform

Leading online buyers like mResell UK pick Apple Watches easily.

Classified ads

Like other Apple products, the Apple Watch sells very well through classified ads. You can either go mainstream eBay or more specialised with fashion or luxury websites such as StockX.

Get a good price for your used Apple TV

TradeIn will tender a trade-in offer on recent AppleTV models. You can also check Cash In Your Gadgets to compare their bids. If their proposals don't suit you, you will probably grab the most satisfying amount by advertising it on eBay.

Do you know of any other good deals for reselling a used Mac, iPhone or other Apple device? Are you a business and buying back used Apple products? _Tell us!

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