iPhone X

iPhone X


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iPhone10,3, iPhone10,6
A1865, A1902, A1901
3161, 3176, 3175
MQCK2xx/A, MQCN2xx/A, MQCL2xx/A, MQCP2xx/A, MQCR2xx/A, MQCV2xx/A, MQCT2xx/A, MQCW2xx/A, MQA52xx/A, MQA82xx/A, MQA62xx/A, MQA92xx/A, MQAX2J/A, MQC12J/A, MQAY2J/A, MQC22J/A, MQAJ2xx/A, MQAM2xx/A, MQAK2xx/A, MQAN2xx/A, MQAQ2xx/A, MQAU2xx/A, MQAR2xx/A, MQAV2xx/A
CPU típusa
Apple A11 Bionic

iPhone is Apple's most popular product. Because it can be used for many years, it devalues itself less quickly than other brands' cell phones. It is therefore an interesting second-hand product: iPhones X, XS, XR as well as iPhones 11 and 12 are very much in demand. Older models (iPhone 7, iPhone 8) keep a certain value.