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Apple Watch Series 6 (40 mm)

Apple Watch Series 6 (40 mm)


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Tech Specs

Model Code
Model Numbers
A2293, A2375
Part Numbers
M0DP3xx/A, M0D53xx/A, M0DM3xx/A, M0D23xx/A, M0DQ3xx/A, M0D63xx/A, M0DR3xx/A, M0D73xx/A, M0DT3xx/A, M0D83xx/A, M0DU3xx/A, M0D93xx/A, M0DV3xx/A, M0DC3xx/A, M0DW3xx/A, M0DF3xx/A, MG363xx/A, MG303xx/A, M0DY3xx/A, M0DH3xx/A, M0DX3xx/A, M0DG3xx/A, M02R3xx/A, M06Q3B/A, M06L3xx/A, M07E3B/A, MG2Y3xx/A, MG343B/A, M0DY3B/A
CPU Type
Apple S6

The Apple connected watch is both a fashion accessory and a cutting-edge electronic device.Its relatively high price makes it a great success as a second hand product.