Black Week 2023 : list of Apple refurbished resellers by country

iPad Air Wi-Fi/Cellular

iPad Air Wi-Fi/Cellular


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Tech Specs

Model Codes
iPad4,2, iPad4,3
Model Numbers
A1475, A1476
Part Numbers
MD785CH/A, MD768CH/A, MD787CH/A, ME898CH/A, MD788CH/A, MD789CH/A, MD790CH/A, ME906CH/A, ME991xx/A, MF003xx/A, MF009xx/A, MF015xx/A, ME997xx/A, MF529xx/A, MF012xx/A, MF018xx/A, MF020xx/A, MF024xx/A, MF026xx/A, MF028xx/A, MF021xx/A, MF025xx/A, MF027xx/A, MF029xx/A, MF496xx/A, MF520xx/A, MF534xx/A, MF558xx/A, MF502xx/A, MF527xx/A, MF539xx/A, MF563xx/A, ME993xx/A, MF004xx/A, MF010xx/A, MF016xx/A, ME999xx/A, MF532xx/A, MF013xx/A, MF019xx/A

The thinnest iPad in the Apple tablet range