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iPad Pro 9.7" 2016 (Wi-Fi Only)

iPad Pro 9.7" 2016 (Wi-Fi Only)


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Tech Specs

Part Numbers
MLMP2xx/A, MLMW2xx/A, MLN02xx/A, MLMN2xx/A, MLMV2xx/A, MLMY2xx/A, MLMQ2xx/A, MLMX2xx/A, MLN12xx/A, MM172xx/A, MM192xx/A, MM1A2xx/A

The iPad pro has been the top-of-the-line model for iOS tablets since 2016, with a variety of screen sizes. Equipped with a pen, a high-performance LCD panel, good-sized SSD storage and powerful CPU, used iPad Pro tablets are highly sought-after.