Best tips for Black Friday deals 2021

Black Friday becomes more and more "Black November". You can definilty find good deals that hold true to the Black Friday spirit. But you will have to sort them from the lesser offers from resellers trying to empty their aged stocks.

Tip #4 : choose refurbished !

To accumulate bargains, the solution is clear: buy, during BlackWeek, a repackaged iPad, Mac or iPhone. We give you all the good addresses:

Refurbished Apple products : the global directory

Tip #3: Ride the trend

Mac2Sell studied the trends of the 2021 Black Week. Discover the expected great deals on Apple products. Know which models the sellers want to sell:

Great destocking

Great time for laptops: MacBook Air reaches a good price! So does MacBook Pro with an M1 processor – play the competition well.

MacBook with M1 processors
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Many retailers have surplus iPhone 12 and iPhone SE(2) ; get a deal.

For iPad, you can find a great deal for iPad Pro 2020, iPad air 4 (the 2020 model) and iPad mini 2019.

The AppleWatch Series 6 (if not the latest models) are being accessible.

AppleWatch Series 6
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Available but not mainstream

Get substantial discounts on the 2021 iPad Pro (11 and 12.9 inches).

Mac mini and iMac (mainly Retina 5K) are frequently on sale.


To gain more than a symbolic discount on the latest models, will require digging through the online stores. If you want a recent iPad mini, an iPhone 13 model or an AppleWatch Series 7, be brave!

And don't forget our previous advice:

Tip #2: Know the fair price

At Apple, it is easy to know the theoretical price of a recent product: it is the one displayed on the AppleStore. It is therefore in relation to this public price that you can estimate the importance of the discount or additional services offered.

Basic question: what is a good deal?

We advise you to use this evaluation matrix:

  • on a new product, recently released (iPhone 13, iPad Pro, Apple TV 2021), aim for 5 to 7% discount minimum
  • on a new product, released more than 6 months ago (MacBook Pro M1, iPhone SE, AppleWatch 6, Mac mini), aim for a 15% discount - if resellers need to clear stock
  • on an "end of line" product (new product but out of the Apple catalog): below a 20 to 25% discount, pass
  • on a certified refurbished product: systematically check its Mac2Sell value (which indicates, let's not forget, it’s used price, without refurbishment). If the selling price is lower than the reference price, go for it! If it's in the same range: it's a good deal.
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Tip #1: Identify the model

Whether you want to buy a MacBook Pro or an iPad, or you would prefer to get the best-ever price of a refurbished iPhone or the latest iMac the trick is always the same.

You must essentially identify exactly: what model, you are buying.

Should you not identify the exact model you would buy, you can fall for a seller putting on sale an old product, and advertising as the latest model.

For example, an "iPad mini 2021" is probably a 6th gen model released in 2021… but might also be a 5th gen 2019 model, but manufactured in early 2021. The bottom line: a value gap of 230 dollars.

Mac2Sell catalogs all Apple models (from 1997), with their features and model IDs. Use this reference base extensively to check what you would purchase.