Apple Watch Series 7, 41 mm

Apple Watch Series 7, 41 mm


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Tech Specs

Model Numbers
A2475, A2476
Part Numbers
MKHG3xx/A, MKHY3B/A, MKHL3xx/A, MKJ33B/A, MKLK3xx/A, MKLY3B/A, ML8U3xx/A, ML913B/A, MKLA3xx/A, MKLP3xx/A, MKL93xx/A, MKLN3xx/A, Midnixx/A, MKH73xx/A, MKHQ3xx/A, MKLC3xx/A, MKLQ3xx/A, MKLD3xx/A, MKLR3xx/A, MKLE3xx/A, MKLT3xx/A, MKLF3xx/A, MKHX3xx/A, MKHK3xx/A, MKJ23xx/A, MKLL3xx/A, MKM23xx/A, ML913xx/A, ML8V3xx/A, ML903xx/A
CPU Type
Apple S7

The Apple connected watch is both a fashion accessory and a cutting-edge electronic device.Its relatively high price makes it a great success as a second hand product.