Apple Watch Series 5, 44 mm

Apple Watch Series 5, 44 mm


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Tech Specs

Model Code
Model Numbers
A2095, A2157
Part Numbers
MWQL2xx/A, MWR02xx/A, MWVY2xx/A, MWWC2xx/A, MX392xx/A, MX3E2xx/A, MWQV2xx/A, MXR12xx/A, MWQK2xx/A, MWQY2xx/A, MWR82xx/A, MWQM2xx/A, MWR12xx/A, MWW12xx/A, MWWE2xx/A, MWQW2xx/A, MX3A2xx/A, MWR92xx/A, MWQN2xx/A, MWWH2xx/A, MWW62xx/A, MWW52xx/A, MWR22xx/A, MWWJ2xx/A, MWQP2xx/A, MWR32xx/A, MWQX2xx/A, MWW32xx/A, MWWG2xx/A, MWRA2xx/A, MX5C2xx/A, MWQQ2xx/A, MWR42xx/A, MWW92xx/A, MWWM2xx/A, MWQT2xx/A, MWR62xx/A, MWQR2xx/A, MWR52xx/A, MWQU2xx/A, MWR72xx/A, MWWE2B/A, MX3E2B/A, MWWM2B/A, MWR62B/A
CPU Type
Apple S5

The Apple connected watch is both a fashion accessory and a cutting-edge electronic device.Its relatively high price makes it a great success as a second hand product.