Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+cell (38 mm)

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+cell (38 mm)


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Tech Specs

Model Code
Model Numbers
A1860, A1889, A1890, A1860, A1889, A1890
3169, 3170
Part Numbers
MQJQ2xx/A, MQJU2xx/A, MQKH2xx/A, MQKL2xx/A, MQQG2xx/A, MQQK2xx/A, MQJN2xx/A, MQJR2xx/A, MQKF2xx/A, MQKJ2xx/A, MQL52xx/A, MQL72xx/A, MQM72xx/A, MQM92xx/A, MQQE2xx/A, MQQH2xx/A, MQR42xx/A, MQR62xx/A, MQJP2xx/A, MQJT2xx/A, MQKK2xx/A, MQKN2xx/A, MQL62xx/A, MQL82xx/A, MQM82xx/A, MQMA2xx/A, MR2W2xx/A, MR2Y2xx/A, MR332xx/A, MQQF2xx/A, MQQJ2xx/A, MQR52xx/A, MQR72xx/A, MQJV2xx/A, MQLJ2xx/A, MQLK2xx/A, MQLM2xx/A, MQLN2xx/A, MQLV2xx/A, MQML2xx/A, MQMM2xx/A, MQMP2xx/A, MQMQ2xx/A, MQQL2xx/A, MQRA2xx/A, MQRE2xx/A, MQRF2xx/A, MQX92xx/A, MR1F2xx/A, MR1N2xx/A, MR212xx/A, MQJW2xx/A, MQLW2xx/A, MQQM2xx/A, MR1H2xx/A, MR1Q2xx/A, MR222xx/A, MQJY2xx/A, MQM32xx/A, MQQP2xx/A, MQK02xx/A, MQM42xx/A, MQQQ2xx/A, MQKF2B/A, MQQE2CH/A, MQM72B/A, MQR42CH/A, MQMQ2B/A, MQRF2CH/A, MQM32B/A, MQQP2CH/A
CPU Type
Apple S3

The Apple connected watch is both a fashion accessory and a cutting-edge electronic device.Its relatively high price makes it a great success as a second hand product.