iPod nano (5th Gen/Camera)

iPod nano (5th Gen/Camera)


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Tech Specs

Part Numbers
MC031xx/A, MC027xx/A, MC037xx/A, MC040xx/A, MC046xx/A, MC050xx/A, MC034xx/A, MC043xx/A, MC049xx/A, MC062xx/A, MC060xx/A, MC066xx/A, MC068xx/A, MC072xx/A, MC075xx/A, MC064xx/A, MC070xx/A, MC074xx/A

In 2001, Apple revolutionized the way people listen to music with the first iPod. The classic, mini, nano and shuffle models are no longer manufactured, but many people still use them. Many used models can be sold and bought on specialized sites. The iPod Touch is still on the market.