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iPad 4th Gen

iPad 4th Gen


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Tech Specs

Model Numbers
A1459, A1460
2605, 2606
Part Numbers
MD516xx/A, MD517xx/A, MD518xx/A, MD519xx/A, MD520xx/A, MD521xx/A, ME400xx/A, ME401xx/A, MG932xx/A, MG942xx/A, MD522xx/A, MD523xx/A, MD524xx/A, MD525xx/A, MD526xx/A, MD527xx/A, ME195xx/A, ME196xx/A, ME197xx/A, ME198xx/A, ME199xx/A, ME200xx/A, ME406xx/A, ME407xx/A, ME410xx/A, ME411xx/A

Since 2010 and until today, iPad classic is the reference tablet, even if there are many competing Android models. Their resale value is very variable: the oldest models are outdated, but an iPad a few years old is worth a good price.