Apple Watch Series 3, GPS+cell, 42 mm

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS+cell, 42 mm


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Tech Specs

Model Code
Model Numbers
A1861, A1891, A1892
3167, 3168
Part Numbers
MQK12xx/A, MQKM2B/A, MQQR2CH/A, MQLC2xx/A, MQME2B/A, MQRG2CH/A, MQLU2xx/A, MQMW2B/A, MQRT2CH/A, MQKD2xx/A, MQM52B/A, MQR22CH/A, MQK32xx/A, MQK72xx/A, MQKP2xx/A, MQKT2xx/A, MQQU2xx/A, MQQX2xx/A, MQK52xx/A, MQKM2xx/A, MQKQ2xx/A, MQLE2xx/A, MQME2xx/A, MQMG2xx/A, MQQR2xx/A, MQQV2xx/A, MQRG2xx/A, MQRJ2xx/A, MQK22xx/A, MQK62xx/A, MQKN2xx/A, MQKR2xx/A, MQLD2xx/A, MQLF2xx/A, MQMF2xx/A, MQMH2xx/A, MQQT2xx/A, MQQW2xx/A, MR2X2xx/A, MR302xx/A, MR342xx/A, MQRH2xx/A, MQRK2xx/A, MQK82xx/A, MQLP2xx/A, MQLQ2xx/A, MQLR2xx/A, MQLT2xx/A, MQLY2xx/A, MQMR2xx/A, MQMT2xx/A, MQMU2xx/A, MQMV2xx/A, MQMW2xx/A, MQQY2xx/A, MQRN2xx/A, MQRP2xx/A, MQRQ2xx/A, MQRR2xx/A, MQRT2xx/A, MQX62xx/A, MQX72xx/A, MQX92xx/A, MR1J2xx/A, MR1U2xx/A, MR232xx/A, MQK92xx/A, MQM02xx/A, MQR02xx/A, MR1L2xx/A, MR1V2xx/A, MR242xx/A, MQM52xx/A, MQR22xx/A, MQKE2xx/A, MQM62xx/A, MQR32xx/A
CPU Type
Apple S3

The Apple connected watch is both a fashion accessory and a cutting-edge electronic device.Its relatively high price makes it a great success as a second hand product.