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September 16: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus added.
September 15: iPad mini 4 added.


November 11: iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iMac Retina added.
September 18: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus added.
March 22: Black Mac Pro added.


October 30: iPad Air & iPad mini 2 added.
September 23: iPhone 5s, 5c added.


October 29: iPad mini added.
September 28: iPhone 5 added.
September 14: MacBook Pro Retina added.


October 12: iPhone 4s added
January 26: Mobile version of Mac2Sell and iPod2Sell.
January 25: Thailand added.


March 3: Croatia added.
February 23: Taiwan added.
February 16: Israel added.


October 31: Quotations for Russia added.
October 20: Quotations for New-Zealand added.
October 4: Quotations for China added.
September 1st: Quotations for Hungary added.
July 23: Quotations for iPhone 3G.
May 28: Quotation for Romania added.
May 19: iPod2Sell ! Quotations for every iPod & iPhone.
April 16: Quotations for refurbished MacBook Air available.
January 5: Quotation for Cyprus added.


November 4: Quotation for Greece, Poland and Sweden added.
November 3: Minor graphical improvments.
August 8: Quotation for Finland added.
July 24: We killed the Safari 3 beta - CSS - JavaScript bug ; Mac2Sell is now every-known-browser-compliant.
July 12: Press room section and "Donate" page added.
July 11: FAQ added.
July 10: "What's new" page added.
July 9: "Refurb tracker" added for United States, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Nederland, Italy : html and rss access to every refurbished Apple products (iMac and iPod).
July 7: New "permalink" function. Everybody can now record the result of the quotation as an URL.
July 4: Mac2Sell in beta2. Major and critical bugs are now fixed.
July 3: Footer added, with direct link to local index.